About Us

YVS is a one-stop destination for all your streaming needs. If you are looking for a credible partner to deliver your content on multi-devices, multiple platforms and across regions, your search ends here. We understand your OTT live stream needs better than anyone and are ready to offer customized services to suit your requirement. Our wide range of video content services includes encoding, ad integration, content promotion to audience engagement, customer retention and more. While you focus on growing your business, we take care of everything needed to run in the back end.

Know your viewer habits better with our Subscriber Management System which also deals with user engagement, customer retention, customer delight, and recurring revenue. Starting from in-app notifications to recommendations based on user preferences, you are sure to experience live streaming like never before. Sit back and relax while we offer experiences that can be treasured.

A content management solution that makes it easy to organize videos.

Our features: -

Video Content Management System

Video Player Integration



Flexible Interactive Systems

Audience Engagement

Better User Experience

High Security

Quality Video Player for Better Quality Streaming

Personalized Plans